Athletics is very versatile and can be adapted to the individual strengths of the individual athlete. Beginning in the student classes is usually with the Mehrkampf, thus the training in many disciplines. Training includes many elements such as running training, coordination, general strengthening, technical training, perpetual training, sprints and jumping runs as well as specific strength training. All together is extremely important for the development of children and therefore very healthy.
If, in the youth age, clear strengths develop, more and more disciplines are trained. There then develop e.g.

Sprint runners
Hammer throw
Discus throw
High jump
Pole high jumpers

and much more.

Whoever is good in all disciplines, of course, the "king discipline", the ten or seventh fight can be the first choice.
Although athletics is an individual sport by its very nature, athletics can also be operated as a great team sport. On the contrary to the individual competition, a team ability is required in order to achieve a promising competition result (sum of individual prizes). This means that you must also have the ability to work in athletics in order to be successful in a group. Since the team evaluation is at the forefront, the individual athlete has to do his best not only in "his discipline". This is a great way to weld the individual athletes together. And is a very important experience for children and young people alike.
In Wolfhagen several clubs offer the challenging but beautiful sport of athletics:


VfL Wolfhagen                     TSV Blau-Weiß Ippinghausen