horse riding

The rider does not sit passive on horseback during ridesport, but actively accompanies the movement of the horse and affects them willingly. The horse is thereby guided by means of so-called aids, for example, by means of weight displacement, deflection pressure and reinsertion. The rider, not the horse, determines the speed, direction, gait of the common movement.

A distinction is made between many different species, such as dressage riding, show jumping, racing, versatility, orienteering, hunting, westerning, vaulting or driving. Especially popular in Germany is the leisure-time riding, which places great value on a harmonious relationship between horse and rider.
There is the horse racing on which you can make bets, but broad sport tournaments make the majority of the competitions.

In Wolfhagen horse-riding is offered as wide sport by the


Ländlicher Reit- und Fahrverein 1949 Wolfhagen e.V.

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