Running / Road-/Crossrunning

Running is actually part of the great sport of athletics. But running in Germany is extremely popular, so we have an extra sport for it.
Because walking is also very healthy, many people walk in their spare time (for example, before work or after work) on the outskirts or in the forest. Sometimes alone, sometimes for two or more. This is called "jogging" and it is always without a sports club. It is not so much the length of the route, but the well-being of the body. Everyone can run as long or as long as he has fun.

When running as a sport, however, there are already defined lengths, which are differentiated in:
- Short circuit (also called sprint): runs up to 400m (1 round the sports field Pommernanlage)
- Medium section: runs up to 1500m
- Long distance: Runs from 2000m up to the marathon.
- In addition, there is also the Ultralanglauf

Within the scope of these lengths, there are many variations, whether in the hall, in the stadium, in the field or forest, on the street or in the mountains,

With us in Wolfhagen there are 2 very special events in the running.
On the one hand there is the "Wolfhager Volkslauf" in the spring, which is organized by the association "Lauf-Team Wolfhagen"

On the other hand we have the "Winterlauf-Serie" by TSV Blau-Weiß Ippinghausen.

In this race series, 3 starts at 4 races take place between November and February.


At both events, hundreds of people from all over Hesse are flocking to Wolfhagen.

TSV Niederelsungen offers excellent opportunities for children and young people.
Experienced coaches and talented junior trainees offer children aged between 6 and 18 years old training with a lot of fun in TSV. 

Whoever wants to run the sprint / short circuits is well cared for in the athletics-group in the VfL Wolfhagen