Skittles / Bowling

Skittles is a precision sport in which a player rolls a ball from one end of a smooth track (bowling alley) with a controlled swing to move the 9 cones placed at the other end of the track. The cones are arranged evenly in the form of a square, which is located on the tip (diamond). From bowling, and thus closely related to it, is the bowling, in which ten cones (pins) are placed in the form of an equilateral triangle. Big difference Bowling to bowling: While bowling some fingers into holes in the ball, so the cone has no holes. Bowling is used as a performance and broad sport, but is much more popular as a leisure game.

Also in Wolfhagen, bowling is very popular. On various bowling alleys this beautiful sport is played by leisure groups. This has to be organized and paid as a group by the provider of skittle alleys (restaurants, DGH`s, church etc.).

As a sport, this beautiful sport in Wolfhagen is offered by the
KC82 Wolfhagen