Karting / Motorsports

The Kartsport (also known as karting) is the part of the motorsport, in which the racers use small, motorized vehicles called karts on special kart competitions. In addition, there is also the hobby-possibility, where everyone can go on slopes, which are often in halls (but also on occasionally correct karting), to the pastime cart. These have about 8-10 hp and reach a speed of about 80 km / h.

Because of their simple and lightweight design, karts are very fast and agile. They can reach speeds of over 150 km / h. Due to the low center of gravity only a few centimeters above the road, high karting speeds are achieved in kartsport, which leads to a strong physical stress (up to 4 G). Kartsport is also run by children and teenagers. (Source: wikipedia.de)

This fast and technically demanding sport is offered in Wolfhagen by the