Football / Soccer

Football is the sport No. 1 in Germany. Besides the offer in the clubs there are also many free offers, in Wolfhagen for example by several hobby football groups.

Such a free offer exists for example from the youth work of the protestant church Wolfhagen. This offer is managed by Torsten Fiege, Hans-Joachim Kulla and Hassan Ben Mansour and will always take place in the White Hall of the Wilhelm-Filchner-Schule. Anyone who just wants to play football without any problems can play there at 2.30 pm.

A further open offer will take place on Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm on the sports field Liemecke (opposite LIDL supermarket). A bus transfer will take place at 6.30 pm from the Pomeranian plant.

The following clubs offer football in Wolfhagen:


FSV Rot/Weiß Wolfhagen          Kickers Wolfhagen          SG Altenhasungen/Oelsh./Istha          TSV Bründersen/TSV Ippinghausen