Hiking / Walking / Nordic Walking

Hiking is a form of walking for several hours without achieving a high speed. Rather, a pre-defined route is often used in a sociable community.

If hiking was a frequent way of traveling, it is now mainly a leisure activity. Hiking is a natural sport, a moderate sport. It is even a major economic factor in summer tourism. In Europe, almost all the scenic regions are well developed by hiking trails.
Also in Wolfhagen there are many beautiful hiking trails, for example the "Wolfsfährte", a sidewalk of the regional "Habichtswaldsteig".

Walking, on the other hand, is an internationally common term for the wide-sport variant of the competition-oriented sport "Gehen". In the leisure sport of walking a higher speed strive than with natural walking or hiking. An active arm swing is used for this purpose.

A more recent variation is the Nordic Walking, which uses poles to balance the body, especially the shoulder and upper arm musculature, following the example of cross-country skiing.

In Wolfhagen hiking / walking / Nordic Walking is offered in several clubs


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